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Jimi Hendrix once said “Music does not lie. If there is something to change in the world then it can happen through music.”

I am devoted to raising awareness and empathy about endangered species through my music and I have created MammaLLive.org as a call to arms, and a platform for information on each of these species and charities that are devoted to their survival and protection and also a source of inspiration for other artists and musicians who want to join the fight for the ones that can not fight for themselves. In the words of my friend Dr. Lucy Spelman “We can save all creatures/nature/ourselves but we need inspiration, and that must come from the artists of the world; they, in turn, must be informed enough to point people in the right direction. We need all forms of visual art, design, and music to elevate nature, rather than denigrate it as so many religions (and politicians) do.”

Their survival Depends on us. Go to MammaLLive.org where you will find links to charities that help.